7D5N Beijing Muslim Tour



Depart from KLIA at 18:25 (by Malaysia Airline) or at 19:10 (by Air Asia).  


Land in Beijing at 00:20 (by Malaysia Airline) or 01:15 (by Air Asia). After a warm welcome, our guide will accompany you to hotel for check-in assistance, and a good sleep will take you to a sunny morning. As starter, there will be a professional Foot Massage provided free at Herbal Medicine Center, which will guarantee us a delightful walk in Tian An Men Square; the largest city square in the world, bordered by the Great Hall of the People and Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum. Standing north is Forbidden City, the complex of imperial palace and home to the Emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasty for over 500 years. Grand halls and courts gradually give way to more intimate domestic quarters, presenting an insight into the pampered isolation of the emperors. After a well prepared Halal lunch, we will head to Niu Jie Mosque; the most famous Mosque in Beijing with a history of more than 1000 years. Not far locates the Muslim Supermarket; the only supermarket for local Muslims. Enjoy the wonderful Acrobatic Show in the evening.


Visit to Jade Museum in the morning, where is a good place to have better understanding on Chinese culture. Then it comes to the highlight of our trip; Great Wall of China. First built in the Warring States period (475-221BC) as a series of earthworks erected by individual kingdoms to defend against each other and north invasion, the wall we see now was left from Ming dynasty. Lunch will be served at a local Muslim restaurant nearby. Visit to Silk Store in the afternoon. As one of the major Chinese craftsmanship, embroidery products will be the best souvenirs. Our evening will be devoted to China’s No.1 shopping street; Wang Fu Jing Shopping Street. Go back to hotel for rest.


Today’s program will begin with Bamboo Carbon Shop, the items there are very popular for its outlook and healthcare function. Our sightseeing is the well-know Summer Palace. Being the largest imperial garden in China, it was first built in the Qing emperor Qianlong’s time in 1751 and was restored in 1886 by Dowager empress Cixi for her own enjoyment. The park became a favorite haunt of Cixi, who even preferred it to the Forbidden City, and named it Yihe Yuan (meaning the garden of health and harmony). Visit to local Mosque; one of the most frequently visited mosque among foreign friends. Visit to Negative Ion Experience Center after prayers. And the afternoon will be spent at Xiu Shui Market for bargaining fun. The place will be our last stop for luxury treat on products and the largest LED screen in Asia.


To see modern Beijing, a must-see place is 2008 Olympic Stadiums; The prestigious Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, which won big applauds in and out architectural world. There will be an outside tour for photographing. Not far is the very popular Jewelry City for inexpensive items. A fabulous Tea Ceremony at Tea House will be presented after Mosque visit. And Hong Qiao Market will be the place blast shopping.


The morning time is for you to get packed, and check-out will be finished before noon. We will have the last day for market exploration. With a tasty Halal dinner served, we will head to Beijing International Airport for the departure flight home.


Depart from Beijing in the early morning.


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